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3rd Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE 2014)

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Dear Dr. parviz ebadi
On behalf of The 3rd Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE 2014), which will be held 0n Oct. 20th- 22nd in Shanghai,the economic center of China, We sincerely invite you to attend our conference and submit your latest and original papers or abstracts. All accepted papers and abstracts will be published in ISI indexed journals. After the conference, a one-day tour of Shanghai will be provided.

To exchange the result of new research, we will also publish a collection on patents in Materials Science and Engineering. The collection will be distributed to the Chinese enterprises. You are welecome to submit your new patents to us.

This is one paper smaple from CMSE:
PaperTitle: Study on surface structure and properties of PMMA/PEG copolymer coatings
Abstract: Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)/polyethylene glycol (PEG) copolymers were synthesised by the radical grafted polymerisation technique under mild conditions with the PEG molar content of 8, 10 and 12% respectively. Prepared by spin coating method, the surface structures of PMMA/PEG copolymer coatings were studied by atomic force microscopy. It was shown that the copolymer coating surfaces had island-like microphase separation structure, in which the columnar PEG phase dispersed on the PMMA matrix. With increasing of the PEG contents, the surface island pattern changed in size. In addition, the antifouling performances of the PMMA/PEG coatings were tested with bovine serum albumin (BSA) and algae absorption experiments. All coatings prepared in this study exhibited good resistance to BSA protein and nitzschia closterium minutissima.

We are also calling for reviewers.The Reviewers' benefits include:
Free tour of Shanghai after the conference
A discount of conference registration fee
A potential candidate of the Technical Program Committee for the next conference
If you would like to join us as a reviewer, please send us your CV.

With best regards,
Liu Qin
The 3rd Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
E-MAIL: cmse@cmseconf.org

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